The vision
To be excited about Jesus, to love God above everything, to enjoy Him forever - that is what you were created for. That alone is what gives meaning and fulfillment in life.

Being excited about Jesus, loving and enjoying God - that is what the Bibelschule Dresden is all about. God has made the world, including mankind, so that His own greatness would be displayed, enjoyed and honored. As the crown of creation you were created not only to know that God exists, but to walk in close fellowship with Him, treasure Him and delight in Him (Psalm 34:8).

During life on earth delighting in God does not come automatically, it is cultivated by growing to taste and see who God is. And you can taste and see God best when you seek to know Him in the Scriptures He has written.

In the Bibelschule Dresden we study the Bible because we want to help you to discover and enjoy the greatness of God. We want to be an oasis where God can be encountered and where you will be equipped to life the life you were made for: knowing your God, rejoicing in your Lord and trusting in your Savior.
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